"Dance is an art created for the moment. Photography is an art to capture the moment."

Capturing people in their dancing moments is my pleasure. I am not a typical event photographer, but rather a person who loves to observe people and catch their emotional moments in pictures. This holds true especially for dancing, which expresses an immense  range of emotions. 

I am a Berlin based traveler, explorer, adventurer and dancer. When I'm not hanging out at West Coast Swing events I try to travel as much and diverse as possible. I am driven by a strong curiosity about the world and its inhabitants, a taste for adventure, aesthetics and a desire to see and experience as much as possible of what Life (with the big L) has to offer.

Would you like to book me for an event (dancing, wedding, parties, birthdays, vernissages)? 

For information about bookings, wedding or corporate packages, please call or email. I'll love to hear what kind of pictures you have in mind, and will be even more happy to help you get them.

anja[at]finallymoving.com  - +49 176 55 113 465

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